Whether it is looking at a review for a holiday, product or service, the majority of people turn to a review website before making a purchase of any kind. However, an online review has always been quite a contentious issue with internet users. A trustworthy online review is of great value in today’s society, yet it can often be very hard to come by. The scope and influence of a review has changed dramatically over the past few decades. This is because as there is an increasing number of choice relating to products and services being offered to consumers, a reliable and easily accessibly way is needed to help them choose what to buy, what concert to see or which restaurant to choose. For some, an online review can be the deciding factor in making a decision whether it is a small one or one that can be potentially life changing. .REVIEW generic Top Level Domain (TLD) name provides a secure, purpose-built space for those with an interest in the online review sector to establish and conduct their reviewing activities, with unrivalled accessibility to the review they are searching for or wishing to produce.

What is the .REVIEW registry?

More people than ever are using an online review to make their decisions so much so that studies show 70% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. With the new .REVIEW generic Top Level Domain (TLD) consumers benefit by easily being able to identify the online review resources they seek under a trustworthy domain extension. Those companies and individuals who produce reviews can market themselves with a relevant .REVIEW TLD domain name extension and be found rapidly by those looking for a review relating to their specific purchase decision. The .REVIEW registry provides a distinct location for the array of online review producers to legitimately and securely conduct their businesses, and the inevitable improvement in search engine results and website traffic increase brings a clear benefit to business. .REVIEW TLD draws in anyone looking for a secure space from which to access a review for anything from hotels and restaurants to films and books, and improves online searches for relevant review content immeasurably, which in turn increases traffic to the domain owner’s website. With a customized domain, .REVIEW generic Top Level Domain (TLD) owners are easily able to differentiate themselves from the competition, and to separate themselves from the untrustworthy information.